Sunday, June 29, 2014

All I know about being a Mom....

Which is a whole lot of nothing.

Everyone wants to always know how having Aidan was... it was pretty easy honestly. Epidurals are amazing modern medicine. Seriously. When I finally got the epidural things went pretty smoothly... Then at one point the contractions started getting really strong and I could start to feel them.. so the Doctor came in again and entered some other drug in me, I felt a cool sensation go down my back and bam... I was napping all the way till 10 cent.

We got to the hospital at 10:00pm wed night, I couldn't sleep before that even though I tried.. I was just waiting for the phone call that we could go in. Around midnight they told me to try and get some sleep.. the doctor would be there around 8am to break my water (which to me was so painful.. and soooo weird). I didn't sleep a single wink.. seriously, not even for 5 min. My back and butt were hurting so bad, I couldn't get comfortable. Awful. The poor nurse kept coming in since she was monitoring me and the baby from outside.. and I was moving so much. Finally I was able to get up and walk around for the last time before everything started. She was in right at 8 to break my water... I got the epidural around 11:00am. The most annoying part is once you get that a machine takes your blood pressure every 20 min.. so much for trying to get any sleep. Things went pretty slow for awhile.. Then around 4 it started to pick up.. the waist down, completely numb... it was so funny when Collin and the nurse were flipping me from side to side, my legs flying were all over the place and I had no control. It was pretty funny! Finally around 5:00pm I was ready to start pushing with my nurse.. so we got everything ready... everyone in place and Aidan was born at 5:53pm. Pretty sure I was laughing in between pushing breaks (LOVE EPIDURALS!)....

Pretty sure the first thing I said was... "Is he a cute baby?? Please tell me he's not ugly."  Which is really so  very shallow.. but whatever.

Then bam.. he was on my chest, Collin cut the cord and we were parents!

Aidan is a month old today! Can't believe it. I really love to watch him grow... he is starting to be a lot more awake these days... which is great for night sleeping but it can be a little difficult to distract a newborn. But I just walk around the house and talk with him, sing to him and dance around. We go on a lot of errands. Aidan about 90% off the time falls asleep the moment (or couple after) he gets into his car seat.

Me, well I am doing pretty well. The hardest part so far is just the lack of sleep.. but honestly, I've been pretty good at just really sleeping every moment he is, except right now. If I am really that tired I will sleep when Collin gets home and he can keep an eye on Aidan. My mom also loves to watch Aidan.... which has been a great great help. Her and my dad love to babysit already.

Collin has been such a help.. he's changed many diapers, watched Aidan quite a few times while I ran to the store or needed a nap or cleaned the house. He is up with him around 6am every morning on weekends so I can sleep till 9..... During the week he stays awake with him until he falls asleep around 11:30pm so I don't have to wake up with him until 4amish... seriously... tell me I don't have an awesome man?? And about 96% of the time I don't even have to ask.. Collin just does it. He seriously adores Aidan.. its fantastic.

We really have a such a wonderful baby. He is so cute.. and we are pretty blessed with family around. I am so glad we had our first baby right where we are.

Also... part of being a mom, totally don't have time to fix spelling or grammar errors.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Countdown till Baby Time...

Well, I don't remember how far along I was last time I posted… but this time I am literally DAYS away from having this baby boy.

We picked the name Aidan Harvey Oxspring for our little baby boy… yes… I decided to go all complicated with the AidAN instead of the AidEN… I figured everyone spells Collin's name with one L.. Colin… so why not make Aidan's a little difficult as well :)… we picked Harvey since that is Collins middle name and it was his grandfathers name as well.

Pregnancy has been quite the Life experience. Those who have been through it know, those who haven't really have no idea and its super hard to explain until you experience it yourself. If there is anything I wish it would be for my husband just to spend ONE day being able to feel exactly how I do, just so he actually know that I'm not making up the "I'm so tired" "I'm so uncomfortable" "My back hurts so bad" "I am so hungry!" blah blah blah…

The advice giving and belly touching started to get a little worse towards the end. I don't mind people asking to touch my belly, but those that just come up to me and it gets all awkward for a second, I might think they are coming in for a hug, but then they just reach down for my belly and leave me hanging. The advice giving can be great, or really really annoying. There was one guy that said the smartest thing ever….. "I had my first child and was always giving people advice, then I had my second, and realized that no two kids are alike so I will never give advice again"…. The most annoying thing to hear over and over is "you have no idea what you are in for"… really? Is that realllllly what you should be telling a pregnant lady that is 39 weeks and already grumpy most of the time… that i have no idea what i am in for… orrr the whole, Just plan on being a week late- why?? why must you crush all my hopes and dreams of delivering on time. Also- if you don't have kids, but have opinions… why are you telling me anything?!

At least it gives you something to talk about with just about anyone… strangers all day everyday ask me how far along I am… but the last week its been "you look like you're ready to pop" I've never talked to so many random people in my life. I do have a model like waddle going on.

Collin has been pretty fantastic- sometimes I watch people with their husbands or hear stories and am always so grateful for my man. He opens my car door every SINGLE time i get into the car- and he makes sure i am in the car before he is.. he doesn't just open my door and leaves me there, he closes it. Do you know important that is?! I think its major.. He has been my butler, and driver and anything else i can think of for the last couple weeks while he has been on break. And all for me to just be grumpy half the time anyway.. i can't help it… i swear i can't.. sometimes i am just a little snappy (more than normal :))

I know one thing.. we are so excited for our Aidan to get here… nothing we can do will prepare us physically and emotionally to have this baby but boy, will it be worth it. I already know that!  I am starting to get a little nervous, only because i've never spent any time in a hospital.. so its going to be weird to be hooked up to things, and staying in a hospital room for an extended amount of time.. Then you just never know how long its going to take and so forth… How could I not be a little nervous?!

Anyway……. next time you hear from me I will have my little nugget snugglin with me.


Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Happy New Year!

10 years ago I graduated High School... no one can ever say it enough... TIME FLIES. Why did it always seem it would take forever to grow up, and now that I'm here, I just want to be a kid again and gladly take my naps and eat food always prepared for me.

2013 has been such a great year. My first full married year. We were able to travel to New York, Colorado, Hawaii, and other little small trips throughout the year. I found out I was going to be a mom, turned 28, laughed and cried and all the many great life things. My whole world has been opened up since I am able to Marry my best friend.

2014 will be even better. I can only imagine the more time I spend with Collin the more I will love life. Such a good example and man to be around all the time that husband of mine!

I've never really been one to make new years resolutions. I always find I end up letting myself down. But this year is different. Sometimes I find that if you really don't have the desire to actually make the resolution happen, its not going to happen.

I hope this year I can attend the Temple more, and read my scriptures more. My goal is to always at least see one new Temple a year... who knows where we will go this year :).

Anyway, thanks for all the memories my friends! I hope 2014 is better than the last!